For Our Clients

Download and complete the following 2 PDF forms and bring to your visit:  
   Client Information Form  
   Dermatology History Form BEFORE & AFTER

The first step in making an appointment is to discuss your pet's condition with your primary veterinarian. If needed, they can then refer you and your pet to Veterinary Healing Arts.

Once the referral is made, your veterinarian will fax a copy of your pet's pertinent medical records to our facility. You can then schedule an appointment to see Dr. Tapp. Initial consultations last approximately one hour. During that appointment, Dr. Tapp will go over the history with you, examine your pet and conduct testing if needed. A treatment plan will then be established. Sometimes, additional appointments are needed for further testing. Your appointment slot will include time to fill out paperwork and meet with a veterinary technician. If possible, do not bathe your pet for 1 week before your appointment so as not to disrupt the skin prior to the examination.

Most dermatology problems require lifelong management. Thus, recheck appointments are often necessary to have Dr. Tapp reevaluate your pet and determine if the treatment plan is working. Recheck appointments last 30-45 minutes. Your veterinarian will be updated throughout the process with letters from Dr. Tapp explaining your pet's condition and the treatment protocol. Your veterinarian may also be involved in follow-up care as needed.

When making appointments, please be aware that it may take several weeks to get in to see Dr. Tapp. If for any reason, you must cancel an appointment, please call us within 48 hours as a courtesy to others seeking appointments and to prevent a cancellation fee. We do ask for a credit card to hold new appointments.

Our clinic is located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. East Greenwich is approximately 15 minutes from Providence and is easily accessible from I-95. Dr. Tapp sees cases Tues-Friday.